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Sunday is the second and final day of the event

Walkers cross the finish line at the Olympic Stadium between noon and 3:30 p.m.

MONTREAL, August 24, 2008 - The Jewish General Hospital announced yesterday that 2250 participants have raised $6 million in the fourth annual Weekend to End Breast Cancer, benefiting the Jewish General Hospital's Segal Cancer Centre. This two-day, 60-kilometre walk is designed to help fund new developments in research, treatment and care for breast cancer patients in Montreal, Quebec and beyond. Since 2005, this event has raised a total of over $30 million. The fifth Weekend will be held in 2009!

After an emotional Opening Ceremony yesterday at the Olympic Stadium, walkers embarked on a scenic walk through the streets of Montreal. At the end of their first day, participants arrived at Tent City where they enjoyed warm showers, ate hot meals, and relaxed. Hundreds of volunteers and crew members were present to provide support at Tent City and throughout the two-day event. They have helped to serve meals, staff the water and snack stops, and provide gear transport, portable restrooms and safety on the streets, as well as comprehensive medical services.

"Even if you've been part of this walk in past years, its still extremely impressive to see the amazing results that so many months of intensive planning and training have yielded," says Richard Dubrovsky, Chair of the Jewish General Hospital Foundation. The logistics and security have been organized with great care - everything from getting tents pitched to treating blistered feet. The participants know they'll be well taken care of, so they're all the more willing to make the physical and emotional effort to cover 60 kilometres in two days to bring the end to breast cancer all that much closer.

With this kind of attention to detail, it's no wonder that so many people have been involved in the Weekend, year after year. That's why were especially excited about next year's fifth-anniversary event, when walkers from the first four years will reunite, joining thousands of new participants as they embark on their first journey. For all of these walkers, it'll be an incredible Weekend, representing an astounding financial boost for the Segal Cancer Centre.

"The Weekend represents a personal triumph for those who have survived breast cancer, but also for all who have met the physical challenge of completing the 60 kms of walking," adds Alexis Gaiptman, Director of Special Events at the Jewish General Hospital Foundation. It's this sort of dedication that has become the trademark of The Weekend to End Breast Cancer. Participants from all walks of life and all backgrounds are aware that their unity is what will really make a difference. By coming together to raise funds and support one another along the route, they know they're making a tangible difference in the fight to eradicate breast cancer.

After four years, the Weekend has been instrumental in promoting scientific progress, such as investment in Weekend to End Breast Cancer Research Initiatives, a series of critical research projects supporting the Segal Cancer Centre. The funds raised continue to support prevention, treatment and care programs thereby enhancing the role of the Jewish General Hospital as a leader in the fight against breast cancer.

For more information about the Weekend to End Breast Cancer, or to register to participate in next year's event, please call 514.393.WALK or visit Join us for the Closing Ceremonies and reserve your spot for the Weekend 2009!                                                      

About the Segal Cancer Centre
The Segal Cancer Centre is a Quebec leader in implementing a focused and comprehensive approach to fighting cancer through medical treatment, patient care, family support and scientific research. A wide array of interrelated services are grouped in close proximity to one another, including screening and prevention, nutrition and rehabilitation, psychosocial support, symptom management, and public information. This integrated approach is considered by leading international medical experts to be one of the most effective and promising strategies in battling cancer.

About the JGH
Since 1934, the Jewish General Hospital, a McGill University teaching hospital, has provided Care for All, serving patients from diverse religious, linguistic and cultural backgrounds in Montreal, throughout Quebec and beyond. As one of the provinces largest acute-care hospitals, the JGH has achieved a reputation for excellence in key medical specialties by continually expanding and upgrading its facilities for clinical treatment and teaching, as well as research at the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research. For more, please visit


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